The Final Note

On a final note, it’s good to see that WordPress is taking steps to offer its users a much more different experience than before, including everybody — experienced or not in the field of blogging — in the grand scheme of things.

The introduction of the Gutenberg project is an interesting development within the online community. This is proven by people’s general opinions on WordPress’ newest editor; from ridiculously negative to positively welcoming and reasonable.

And to be completely honest, only time will tell if this Gutenberg project is going to be a success.

What WordPress’ team of developers have accomplished so far is great. Anyone can see that the Gutenberg editor was designed with newbies and experienced bloggers in mind. Although, it does have plenty of room for improvement.

There are a lot of questions needed to be asked, but one of the main ones include:

  • Should people start getting used to Gutenberg?
  • Should it be a core part of WordPress 5.0 or simply remain as a plugin?

The answer to the first question, is obviously, yes. Because whether we want it or not, it’s coming out. No amount of complaining will probably dissolve the project.

However, the answer to the second question is a bit more complex…

And that is because of people’s repulsion for the new editor. The aversion stems mostly from the fact that people just don’t plainly like it, and that Gutenberg will be a core component of the WordPress 5.0 update.

If we go off of people’s current opinions about it, perhaps they should carefully consider keeping Gutenberg as a WordPress plugin, so those who don’t want it can still use the classical editor. And it’s also to give them enough time to get used to it’s new process. But then again, WordPress has been encouraging its many users to try out the new editor for the sake of getting used to it.

So should you try it out?

Absolutely! And this time around, view it objectively and look at what it offers to its new users, and what else it could improve on.

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